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GWG Club

From the belief in wines and in other excellent Italian products, but first of all in values that they reflect we gave birth to the idea of Gallo Wine Gallery Exclusive Club.

Hereby we welcome all the Fine Wine Partners that share our vision and our common values:

  • spreading the excellent culture related to our territory united with the ethical attitude towards work.
  • spreading the knowledge and the aware consumption of excellent wines and gastronomic products.
  • respect for environmental sustainability
  • spreading the culture of our territory,
  • great consideration for the work ethic.

GWG Exclusive Club establishes a strong cooperation among all those realities that reflect the same values in order to spread them in our territory so that the our Enoteca can be at your disposal for organization of events and for the promotion of enogastronomy products.

The participation is free and free of charge, available to the selected partners from the industry.

By completing the form below you confirm your intention to became a part of our Club. After having received the form and after internal evaluation we will send you the partnership certificate and the access data that will allow you to be able to benefit from all the initiatives and activities that will be organized both inside and outside our facility, about which you will be constantly informed. We are available to share your ideas in order to achieve with greater efficiency a long cooperation together with promotion and spread of our enogastronomy culture as added value.


Available only for selected partners from the industry.

The restricted area allows our partners to access all the information related to the initiatives and activities organized by the Gallo Wine Gallery Exclusive Club.

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